Data Literacy as a Service

Our holistic approach to customer success and building a culture driven by data

    Data Literacy as a Service

    Qlik experts guide your team on a journey to more business value

    Data Literacy—the ability to read, work with, analyze and communicate with data—empowers individuals and teams to transform businesses. When you embrace this strategy, you take another step forward on your data-driven journey.

    Partner with our customer success experts to get started or push through your technology, process and people plateaus. Our all-inclusive and on-demand services close the gaps between data, insights and actions. Make better data-informed decisions, take action and propel your business forward with our innovative Data Literacy as a Service approach.

    • All-inclusive & always-on services
    • Data literacy education & consulting
    • 24 X 7 enterprise support
    • Maximize the impact of your technology and processes

      Personalized, bundled strategic services aligned with your business goals, fast tracking you to achievement.
    • Empower your people to use data for advantage

    • 优化您的关键任务分析交付



    Get to a data culture faster with our all-inclusiveQlik签名成功提供。专用QLIK专家致力于您的成功,提供连接的白手套服务体验,包括量身定制的咨询,培训和支持,以实现您的业务目标。乐动棋牌选择我们的总是,个性化和规定的服务,以体验到之前的Qlik。或者在里程碑并肩工作,与我们的成功团队建立您的理想路径。QLIK在更深入的发现之旅中提供完美的服务和资源组合。
    • Extraordinary, always-available resources
    • Personalized engagement, aligned priorities
    • 基于业务和技术成果的交付

    Data literacy education and consulting

    You can do your best work every day when you’re data literate. Take advantage of ourData Literacy Programfor yourself and others. Go further to help your workforce derive data insights with our proven six-step adoption framework.
    • 数据技能建设 - 适用于所有
    • Best-practices methodology
    • Trailblazing experts
    • For Individuals

      Free training and certification

    • For Organizations

      Strategic data literacy consulting

      Empower your entire team to become data-savvy. Tap into our globally recognized expertise, unique adoption success framework, and follow-on services. Get all the hands-on support you need to blaze your own trails.

    On-demand support

    If and when you need specific help, you can always count on Qlik. We’ve put into place a robust set of humans, tools, and processes to respond fast. Now, for everyone, information is easier to find, feedback easier to submit, and follow through our top priority.

    • 24x7对关键问题进行故障排除
    • Robust support portal
    • Vibrant Qlik Community


    Let’s advance your data-driven journey together.
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